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My Weekend Was Full But I Loved It!

I was so busy last weekend, I couldn’t squeeze time to write. It was busy but I had fun.

My schedule last Friday had to accommodate the following affairs:

2 Parent-Teacher Conferences, to get the report cards of my 2 older children.

1 Parent-Teacher Association meeting.

A Wedding.

Then last Saturday we attended:

Our eldest “Family Day” in her school with all our 3 girls

A birthday party and sort of a reunion for my husband’s college friends.

Then last Sunday I had to rest but still spent time doing major cleaning in our house.


Globe Overcharged Me

I have this ongoing problem with  my phone service provider that I’ve been trying to fix for months. I am a Globe post paid subscriber since September 26, 2010. I am currently using an iPhone 4 but I have been an Iphone user since 2007. Also, I have been a prepaid user of Globe since my College Days. This customer service experience has been the worst. I am thinking already of changing to another telecom service as soon as my contract with this one ends. I have been trying to contact them, write them but it has always been difficult getting a reply from them as if they are just ignoring me. I don’t want to go anymore to the Globe Center Marikina which was suppose to be the closest to my place, because the person I spoke to was quite condescending and worse their Retail Manager tried to influence me to reverse my bad feedback. One friend told me to write Globe CEO Ernest L. Cu. Is it worth it? Maybe. Honestly, it’s tiring already. I will copy here what I have written in my face book page:

here goes…

I am upset with GLOBE

by Marian S. Jamito on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 7:23pm

I have been complaining to every Globe Customer Service Channel I know,- SINCE MAY 2011, the month when they charged me an internet bill amounting to P 7,359.00. When I computed the total duration, I am being charged for 17 days of straight internet usage!!! I started bugging them about it, the customer service rep said that, “OUT OF GLOBE’S GOODWILL” bibigyan ako ng discount –  they will let me pay only P 2,233.14. NO WAY! I am still contesting this because it’s impossible for me to reach that amount. We have PLDT-DSL at home and an unlimited internet via Sun and Huawei Mobile Wifi when we go out. All of our devices connect there every time nasa labas kami. I only used Globe’s internet ONCE during my trip to our province to check my email for 5 minutes and I was charged 7k agad.

Imagine, I have been talking to every customer service rep over the phone, email and even made several visits at Globe center. This has been going on for months. Still no feedback. I have been disconnected twice. The Globe people whom I have spoken is putting the blame on me, and making me feel like I don’t know how to use my phone. I have been an iPhone user since it was first released, way back 2007 – wala pang iPhone sa Globe that time. What I have now is already my third iPhone. I’ve learned early on how to turn off cellular data, so internet will not connect automatically. Not that I’m bragging but pagdating sa iPhone, mas marunong pa ako sa mga Globe CSRs that I’ve encountered.

What’s upsetting me more is that I have to be the one making follow ups to my letters, complaints, etc. NOT ONE WORD or REPLY or Call Back  from all my inquiries and emails.

Last week, I went to Globe Center again, asking for a resolution. Again, nothing happened. Pfft.

This morning, Globe asked for feedback via text survey. I gave a negative feedback. Then someone called to ask about the feedback I gave. The purpose of the survey is to correct the person who attended my concern.And I told the manager, its everyone that I have spoken to already that you should correct. This is frustrating because I feel the feedback was more important than my actual problem with Globe.I had this impression that they are hoping I would change my mind about the feedback.

I am not happy with your service.

What happened next? I just received a text message from their system asking me to pay immediately the balance of  P 928.58. And still no reply from any of the emails I sent regarding my complain about their employees’ behavior. In other words, they just ignored me. I don’t know if I should pay P928.58 for just checking my email for 5 minutes. You see, we have our separate Sun Cellular Unlimited Internet for only P 799 a month. I think you’ll understand why I’m having second thoughts paying what Globe is charging me.

UPDATE: Minutes upon posting this, Globe replied to my email with a “non-solution”

Dear Valued Subscriber,


We apologize for not having responded to your e-mail sooner.


Please let us know if you have concerns that still need further assistance so we may do appropriate action.


We have improved our processes to ensure timely response in the future.


Thank you for being with Globe!

Thanks, but you just made my day worse…

Ms. Universe 2011

Congratulations to our Ms. Philippines Shamcey Supsup for placing 3rd Runner up in the Miss Universe Pageant in Sao Paolo, Brazil! You have made our nation proud.Well done! Also, congratulations to our new Miss Universe Ms. Angola Leila Lopes 🙂

Remembering 9-11

For the past 2 days we’ve been seeing specials on our cable  commemorating the events that happened last September 11, 2001. I’ve browsed the website of People magazine last night and there they have featured children around 9 years old who never met their fathers they lost that day the World Trade Center was attacked. I can’t  imagine again all the lives lost on that day and that day I questioned humanity.Seeing all these pictures, watching all those videos again and again, I still am moved to tears. Its been a decade already and it seems fresh from our memories. I still can not process it to my children to this day. By the end of the day, a friend of my husband just said “a very bad man, was trying to scare us by hurting a lot of people.”

My prayers tonight go to those people who were affected with the 9-11 tragedy.


My word of the day!

Even if I have to handle the everyday stresses of life, I still have to stay fabulous!

If you’re fabulous inside, you’ll be fabulous outside!

If someone asks you how your day is just say “Oh it’s just fabulous!”

fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!

I am a Breastfeeding Mom

One thing I am happy to tell you is that I am a breastfeeding mom. I have been breastfeeding all my three girls for 8 years now. If you were to ask me if it was difficult doing it for 8 straight years, yes I had my challenges but I was able to do it and I became committed to do it for my children. When I became pregnant with my eldest I never had the slightest idea how to do it. It was one of the things my mother told me before she passed away. She said I have to breastfeed for at least a year or maximum of 2 years if I can.My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and died 2 weeks before I gave birth to my eldest.

At first it was so awkward doing it in front of others. I was so private that I wanted to feed most of the time in my room. I was even shy doing it in front of my family members. It was tough when I had to go out with my baby. I always had a jacket or shawl or a big cloth diaper to cover myself whenever I had to feed.I always felt naked doing it. I think during my time, there wasn’t much noise about breastfeeding except for the usual milk commercial afterwards saying “breastfeeding is still best for babies.” Also, there weren’t  any breastfeeding centers in malls. Those times I dreaded shopping. One time,I  had to run to a loo to change my daughter’s nappy in a local mall, I was even asked not to do it in front of everyone. The janitor even had me wash my daughter were she was washing her mops. Do you believe that? I couldn’t argue with her because I was holding my kid who was already uncomfortable with her soiled diaper. That time, that mall did not have changing tables. I don’t really go out that often, but if I do its usually with my in-laws and when I had to feed in the middle of shopping I had to sit in a discreet place and feed. I’m just glad now that it’s entirely different these days for new moms out there.

With my experience feeding my girls, my first year feeding them is usually the easiest. I ate as much as I can but avoided a lot of things that I might pass on to my kids.The good thing about breastfeeding is the bonding I made with all my kids. Aside from the usual health benefits the children received from breastfeeding, my husband and I computed how much we saved from not buying formula milk just for 2 kids in 6 years.It was roughly  P576,000 – more than half a million!! We have not accounted our third baby whom I am still feeding up to now! Another thing I really love about breastfeeding is that there’s no spoilage. During my time, those electric breast pumps that really work were so expensive. I could not afford them.  I had one electric pump (cheap one) and one manual but I cannot make it work so I hardly store milk.  It’s a good thing I was home most of the time. I have to give credit to my mother-in-law who was so patient teaching me what to eat and help me especially during my first time to have a child. I have also rediscovered the joys of cooking malunggay in so many ways. And also I think what made me lactate more is having fresh fish our meals during my trips to my husband’s province.

There is this certain Zen in breastfeeding. I’ve learned that I should calm myself first before breastfeeding. In my 8 years of feeding, I’ve had more patience in motherhood than I can imagine, and I don’t know if I will be that patient if I was not breastfeeding.  Did I mention that my children are not sickly? Of course there’s the occasional colds and cough but nothing more serious than that. When my kids get sick during their infant years, they tend to feed more. I read in some book that breast milk has some analgesic properties. I’m not saying it should be the only cure, but when I’m breastfeeding my sick child, I feel that she gets better, faster.One thing though is that a breastfeeding mom should always nourish herself with the right meals, right supplements and of course plenty of rest if your time allows it. I also think, family support is important, especially from the spouse. It’s a good thing my husband and my in-laws are big believers of breastfeeding.

My girls will grow up and one day I will tell them the same thing my mother told me. If they will become mothers, they should also embrace breastfeeding.

Motherhood became me

My full time job is being a mother. It never stops.

It all began since I conceived my eldest. And then I had my second child and then my third. All of my children are girls. Ages 8, 6 and 3. I think its fun to have all girls in the family. Not that I never thought of having a boy. We thought our eldest was going to be a boy until I gave birth to a girl. The funny thing was, I had an ultrasound thrice and my doctor including the doctors in our family thought my eldest was going to be a boy. Aside from the ultrasound, people kept telling me all the signs I had  was for having a baby boy. And then I gave birth to a girl. Then after almost 2 years I gave birth to another girl. Then three years after my second child it was another girl. So after 8 years, here we are raising 3 beautiful girls. Each one is different from the rest but very unique in their own way. I am happy with were I am right now having my hands full with the children.I am also happy because my husband is also very hands-on with them.